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“Remember to always be yourself. Unless you suck.” - Joss Whedon

Servo, a parallel browser engine. [Show] The engine that is so futuristic, a programming language to make it in didn't exist.. so that was created as well.

The only true authority stems from knowledge, not from position.

“When someone tells me 'no', it doesn't mean I can't do it, it simply means I can't do it with them.”

LEARN STUFF | Like data?

Learning logic is applicable to EVERY scenario in life. Whether you're homeless or terraforming Mars, learn to code. [Show]

“Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer... because it teaches you how to think.” -Steve Jobs

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

An amazing talk. Huge information on FAB and Wafer world. [Show]

“Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway.” -Robert Downey, Jr.

Most projects not currently listed, construction etc etc.. etc

Stats logs for a learning/programming community. Learning section... Tech quizzes! CCNA/CCNP, Network+, A+, Linux+, Security+, Server+ JSP General Chat Community Picture

ISTP personality

GREG GRATS (GG) has been around for a loooooooong time, and I still don't know why it exists. I'll probably never give it a specific purpose. It has been used for thousands of projects of learning or testing by me and many others.

If you're here you probably already know me. Assuming in real life you'll know me by 'Greg' or from the internet as 'GRATS'

Everything on this site was written by me, from scratch. I dislike CMS systems, I make my own custom to the webpage. (wordpress... being the giant) and lots of other bloated web software. They're good for their intended user base, and I recommend them to users who have little idea about coding. I lose respect for the many so called "web developers" who use such systems on their personal sites. Everything I work on and write is unique to itself and much faster because of that, by being a unique system, security is usually much tighter and easier to implement.

This site constantly evolves, I've re-written it a many times as of this writing.. and I'm sure it isn't the last time that will happen. As I learn more I change the old stuff I "knew", to make it better and faster. This is how things SHOULD be for everyone, sad that isn't true... SPEED is a huge thing for me, for everyone, if a page takes more than 1 second to load, I frown upon the website. Especially with the technology around today.

I would say GG is a community of friends whom have known each other for many years through the internet and meeting in real life, as well as a private learning community. While there won't really be an open learning community ever to be around here, I have influenced and been influenced by hundreds of people through my forums hosted and world travels over the past years, and hope to continue.

Oh that video again.. Yeah, it's a good one.

I believe everyone should learn how to code, it doesn't matter what language, it doesn't matter if you like it or not. While I myself know a few languages I don't like, and say I don't know them in order to not have to use them: Coding teaches you how to think in a different way, a skill set that can be used for everything. Following the logic computers use is following thousands of years of the human brain and its evolution. Computers are our creation, this goes for all technology, because big and small.. it's all ones and zeroes at the end of the day. Talking their language: logic to get around simple and the most complex situations.

Very strongly I encourage a person should have a strong interest in something, anything, and if they don't: I am not interested in them.

I have worked with different programming languages and operating systems (Linux/BSD/OSX/windows/Solaris) since (2001) I was 11 years old. Since then I have found a huge love for doing random stuff on the web, and designing different things.. along with a big fascination with databases and database design. These are my hobbies and they take almost of my free time. The other things I enjoy are camping, hiking, rock climbing... those sorts of things. I have never owned a TV, and rarely game (though I don't hate it like I do TV)

I love music. "oh me too!" No. I love music. I listen to music an average of 16 hours a day for 2 decades, I get migranes if I do not listen to music, and loud.

I am quite familiar with many operating systems, my favorites are Debian and FreeNAS.

I have been building computers since I was 10. I've tried to teach people as much as I can since 2006, when I started to post on forums all over the internet. It has exploded since then.

My favorite unproductive thing to do is post on forums. I don't watch TV and I extremely rarely play video games.

Skills/Experience: (Including but not limited to!)

You can contact me in many different ways. However, to contact me on this page: You don't.